Published by Adam McKean on June 21, 2017

Things you should know about dog’s behavior

Pet owners want the best for their dogs all the time. They give everything the dog needs or likes even if they do not know if it is still the right thing to do. There are things that you should understand when it comes to dog’s behavior and these are the following: 

  • Dogs repeat doing reinforced behavior – if you reward your dog for good behavior like for example if your pet obeys your command to “sit” right away and you gave him a treat in return, the dog will learn to do the same thing all over again. Every time the dog sees you, it will automatically sit because of the reward.
  • Dogs avoid doing unrewarded behavior – they say that if your dog is doing an excessive barking and there is no stimulus or anything causing it, simply ignore the dog’s behavior. They sometimes act wild or aggressive to catch the attention of the owner and just like kids, they become spoiled when they get what they want. If you ignore your pet’s howling or non-stop barking, they will not do the same thing again next time thinking that their behavior is not effective to call attention and never reinforced with any reward.
  • Dogs get bored and unhappy – if they are left alone or in a secluded area, they feel lonely and will definitely look for attention from their owners. They have the tendency to act strange or aggressive when with other animals or people.
  • Dogs can suffer from depression and anxiety disorders – if the pet dog is unhappy for a long time and no physical and mental enrichment is given, they can be sick and be depressed. Aggression such as excessive barking could be a sign of mental problem. Professional help is needed to cure this problem.

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