Published by Adam McKean on June 21, 2017

Can you prevent excessive barking

One of the most common issues about dogs is their excessive barking. Many pet owners have encountered non-stop and loud barking of their pet dogs due to behavioral problem and lack of proper training. Neighbors may complain about the noise created by your pet especially during the wee hours. This may lead to misunderstanding and more serious concerns.

Anti-bark collars are becoming popular and high demand in many countries as replacement for professional training classes which is not a good idea. The said collars are used moderately and should not be the only tool to calm the aggressive barking.

Trainers will never approve aversive conditioning or negative punishment training because they believe it will not correct the behavior of the pet dogs and it will only worsen the unwanted behavior. But lately, more kinds of collars were out in the market aside from the well-known shock collar.

Shock collars or also called electronic collars produce a mild uncomfortable shock every time the dog becomes wild and loud. Some shock collars has a remote control gadget.

The most common anti-bark collar is the Citronella Collar because it is the safest among the devices. It is proven to be harmless on both animals and humans. Although the citronella spray can get empty right away so, you have to keep more stocks.

Another one is the ultrasonic anti-bark collar. Dogs will hear a very high pitched sound when they bark. This is also safe to use but many owners say their dogs ignore the sound when they learned that it is a device to interrupt their barking.

Remember, these collars are not intended for punishment. These are use as part of behavioral training and conditioning. Instead of physical punishment, collars are used to control the unwanted barking and aggression.

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