Published by Adam McKean on June 21, 2017

Basic commands for dog training

If you are the person who does not want to hire a professional trainer and you think you can do it by yourself, then these basic commands may help you begin with the behavioral conditioning that you want to apply on your pet dog.

  • Sit – you can show your pet dog a treat on your hand, an as you say the word “sit” you must assist your dog by putting its lower back on sitting position. When the dog understood the command, give him a treat and pat his back or head.
  • Stay – Before you give this order make sure that your dog knows how to obey the sit command very well. Ask your dog to sit then slowly move backwards while showing your hand gesture as a sign of wait or hold on. If your dog can do it even for a while, show him that you appreciate the progress by rewarding him right away.
  • Come – this one is easier to practice. All you need is a leash and collar. Ask your dog to “come” while pulling the leash gently towards yourself.

There are more commands that your dog should learn such as down, roll-over, leave it, heel but these activities may be difficult and will need a lot of patience and time in able for your dog to master everything.

Just keep in mind that when you train your dog, do not have high expectations during the first few sessions. Always practice the positive training style. Do not hurt or pressure your dog through punishments unless you are doing a reward-punishment conditioning which is still part of positive reinforcement. Raising a good dog is not that easy, it requires time, patience and affection.

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